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  5. 01/26/2015
  6. TOEFL paper based 550
Governance and food safety in international food chains: Food safety as the guiding principle of your daily work, Wageningen University
Monday, March 9, 2015
Studievoorlichting 0317-48 48 48
€ 3800

At Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation(CDI)we work on processes of innovation and change in the areas of food security, adaptive agriculture, sustainable markets and ecosystem governance.

The Centre for Development Innovation facilitates innovation, brokers knowledge and develops capacities with a focus on food systems, rural development, agri-business and the management of natural resources. Our work links Wageningen UR’s knowledge and expertise with processes of society-wide learning and innovation.

In the search for solutions to poverty, hunger, climate change and environmental degradation, ‘business as usual’ is not an option. A sustainable and equitable future demands markets with a triple bottom line that balance the needs of People, Planet and Profit. Linking technological and institutional innovation becomes critical. Such innovation calls for citizens, governments, businesses, NGOs and the scientific community to work together in new ways.